Craniosacral Therapy in Atlanta

Introducing the Biodynamic Approach to improving whole-body health and performance

Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that addresses the whole being by working with the subtle rhythms of tissues and fluids in the body.

The client goes into a deep state of relaxation, fully-clothed on a massage table. Unlike massage, the practitioner’s touch is gentle, and the goal is a deep inner stillness.  Unlike other forms of bodywork that manipulate muscles and tissues, craniosacral supports the health of the whole being by engaging and relaxing the nervous system. Craniosacral is unique in this way because the nervous system orchestrates all of the body’s functions through sending and receiving information to and from the various organs and systems.

As craniosacral therapists, we undergo a 700-hour, multi-year training to develop the skills to perceive the energetic map that supports one’s foundational health. We become sensitive to subtle physiological changes that can restore an optimum underlying health. In this way, regardless of the symptomatic condition, an energetic field of health is always available.  We use our perceptive skills to identify areas where the nervous system can be supported to bring itself back into balance. The release of subtle tensions helps the body decrease symptoms, restore ease, and come back into wholeness.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – I practice Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in Atlanta, an approach originally derived from osteopathy, a healing work developed by William Garner Sutherland DO. Sutherland was the first osteopathic physician to conceptualize the cranial approach and teach it systematically. Sutherland discovered a rhythmic movement in the bones of the cranium. He later applied this movement to the entire body and recognized it as a healing force in dysfunctional tissues. He later named this motion the body’s “Primary Respiration.”

The biodynamic approach grew out of the pioneering work of Franklyn Sills. Sills attended osteopathic college in England where he learned of the work of W.G. Sutherland, DO, and his colleagues. Sills took this osteopathic heritage and expanded on it based on his understanding of energy therapy, psychology, and esoteric work.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is now a developing and growing modality of complementary health taught around the world. Among the modalities I offer, I have made it my mission to bring biodynamic craniosacral therapy to Atlanta.

What happens in a craniosacral session? – Your session will begin by discussing your health concerns and what you would like to get out of the session.

While you lie on the table, I will check to ensure that you are comfortable. After a short conversation, I will place my hands on you and guide you to relax, always checking that the touch is right for you. Your feeling of comfort and safety is paramount.

I may begin at your feet, at your head (cranium) or on your sacrum (the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine). During your session, I will support and address any areas of concern using a comfortable, gentle touch.

Sessions usually last an hour, sometimes a little longer. I will gently hold parts of your body, feeling the subtle rhythms and observing changes in your system. In a way, the deep relaxation and energetic guidance encourage the nervous system to bring the body back into balance. The work supports nervous system regulation and can resolve symptoms resulting from stress and trauma. A single session can produce noticeable effects, but it often takes several sessions to achieve lasting results.

Some clients relax so deeply that they may fall asleep; others enter a quiet meditation state, or even a twilight dream state just outside of everyday consciousness. You may experience flashes of memories or self-discoveries of underlying patterns. These patterns often accompany physical and emotional conditions and even chronic and acute disease.

Like with polarity therapy, you may feel the sensation of held energies being released from the body. Tightly-held patterns in muscles, tendons, and bones may also unwind and reorganize into a healthy pattern. Staying present, not judging, and breathing with the sensations allows this energy – and the old physical and emotional patterns that inhibit health – to discharge.

After the session – At the end of the session you may experience integration in your body, mind, and spirit, and importantly, feel more comfortable in your body. I advise my clients to create space after the session to allow the work to gently settle.

I am excited to bring biodynamic craniosacral work to Atlanta. Within this vibrant community of healers, I hope to bring increased awareness of this foundational form of craniosacral therapy to intown Atlanta.